1 . First Position the demand using the slide so it’s endpoints are 1 0 , 35 and 35 , 0 ) . 2 . `Now click on supply point B red dot so it rests on a…
September 3, 2020
Select your organization (APPLE) and a product produced by that organization from IndustryWeek .
September 3, 2020

2. In 2008 the Federal Reserve took pretty extraordinary measures in an attempt to stabilize the economy. You need both equations and clearly labeled graphs (separate graphs for each question) to answer the following questions. Assume that b=1 and that initially the real interest rate is equal to the marginal product of capital at 4%. As well, assume that v=1/2 and that the inflation rate last period was 2%a. If the housing bubble busting causes the share of output of investment to fall 6% of potential GDP, what will happen to the economy?now?c. What will the inflation rate be?Is it enough to push the economy back to potential?

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