Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) were established by the U. government to encourage saving.
September 3, 2020
Is the dip in Harrah’s business unavoidable given the recent economic dip or can harrah’s find new ways to connect with customers?
September 3, 2020

I have the following information about an economy:

C = 50 + 0.8*Yd                                               Consumption Function

I = 100                                                           Investment Function

G = 130                                                           Government Spending

T = 0.1*Y                                                        Taxes

Yd = Y – T                                                        Disposable Income

1.    Show that if Y = AE then I + G = S + T where S is saving.

2.    What is the Government Budget position (G – T) when the economy is at the equilibrium level of GDP?

3.    If government increases spending from 130 to 186 what happens to equilibrium GDP? to the government budget balance?

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