I am not sure about first question. Thank you. Q s =89830-40P s+ 20P x +15P y +2I+0.

  1. I am not sure about first question. I need help with explanation. Thank you.


    Where Qs=quantity purchased

                       Ps= the price of Smooth Sailing sailboats

                       Px= the price of company X’s sailboat

                       Py= the price of company’s Y’s motorboat

                       I= per capita income in dollars

                       A= dollars spent on advertising

                      W=number of favorable days of weather in the southern region of the United States

    1.  Characterize this function by circling all in the following list that are applicable:

    univariate, bivariate, multivariate, linear, exponential, logarithmic, curvilinear, 1stdegree, 2nddegree, 3rd    degree, additive, multiplicative, linearly homogeneous

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