Human Factors And Mishaps


Assignment below:

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We’ve discussed in detail how important human factors are in safe flight. Now we’ll look at a specific example of how further human factors considerations can help mitigate identified hazards.


Choose a human factor or physiological principle that interests you which can negatively impact safety of flight; compose a 1,500 word research paper that:

1. Defines that factor/principle;

1. Describes how the factor/principle can affect safety of flight;

1. Uses a mishap listed in one of the major mishap investigation databases (NTSB, AOPA, DoD, ICAO, or other nationally-recognized database) to illustrate the hazard;

1. Proposes a countermeasure- either procedural, regulatory, training change, etc- that mitigates the hazard.

This paper will use five cited resources and will be composed/formatted using APA style.


Your paper will be graded according to the following rubric:

1. 80 Points – Explanation/description of the Human Factor or other issue and its affect on safety

1. 40 Points – Illustration of mishap and mitigation

1. 40 Points – Writing mechanics

1. 40 Points – Readability

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