using this link, the questions are :

Qi) By hovering over the graph with your mouse/cursor the FRED graphing page will show you the number value (level) for this CPI measure for any observation in this data set. Use these numbers to calculate and report in your assignment answers the TOTAL inflation in the U.S. Economy from Jan 1947 to Jan. 1973.

Qii) From your answer to Qi) above determine what the AVERAGE annual inflation from Jan 1947 to Jan 1973 was in the U.S. Economy.

Qiii) Now use this same approach to calculate the AVERAGE annual inflation from Dec. 1972 to Dec. 2017 in the U.S. Economy. What can you say about early U.S. inflation compared to more recent decades?

Qiv) There is an observable peak in the U.S. Price Level in July of 2008. What was the inflation rate for the year leading up to this peak? Was this much different from the average since 1973? What explanation can you think of for this inflation episode?

Qv) In what particular year-month after July of 2008 did the CPI index finally surpass the July 2008 value? What was the AVERAGE MONTHLY inflation rate between July 2008 and this particular year-month? Has inflation been unusual in the U.S. economy since July 2008 and up to 2017?

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