state and local government face three fundamental fiscal choices.
September 14, 2020
The tax code changes so that business firms face higher tax rates on their revenue (offset by other lump-sum tax changes so there’s no overall change…
September 14, 2020

Homework 1 (HW 1): Due March 6th, midnight: (If the Turnitin system indicates that your work has 5% similarity, said assignment (including exams) will not be accepted, and the grade will be penalized 90%. Read all the chapters carefully starting week 1 as the information will be very important in writing your assignments (HW).Write a 3 pages analysis (not description) about chapters 1- 2, and combine your argument with recent economic and management events affecting you or your company. Use appropriate references to support your argument(s) in this (and all) assignment(s) henceforth. Always use the APA guidelines to write all your work. In all your assignments: is important to use several references from other creditable institutions–World Bank, Labor Department, IMF, OPEC, Federal Reserve), books, magazines, newspaper. Do not use Wikipedia, unreliable sources no acceptable by the academia.No late assignments are accepted.

Microeconomics, 10th Edition

Author:   William A McEachern

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