Imagine Livia values a car at $30k and Sunrise Chevrolet values the same car at $20k.
September 3, 2020
You have just received seed money for a new e-commerce business and you want to hire a dozen people with a high level of creative potential.
September 3, 2020

given z=f(x,y)=x2+y2/2, g(t)=f(x0+th, y0+tk), h and k are arbitrary. suppose(x0,y0) is a point where f(x,y) is minimized. Derive the condition that must be satisfied for f(x0,y0) to be such a minimum. This will involve calculating g(t) for f(x) and then use first and second derivative of g(t) to find the optimal conditions that let you solve for (x0,y0)

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