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November 27, 2021
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Genomics/Genetics Assignment Paper

What is the impact of the aging population on both increased healthcare expenditures and wasted resources?

Do genetics play a role?

How can the doctoral-prepared nurse apply this

information in practice?

Explain. Support your rationale with am minimumof two scholarly sources.

It should be in APA style with Double line space with 12 font size of any font.

The main Article require 250 words and should be with zero plaigrism and no sentence structurings issue and grammar mistakes will be entertained.

Topic: Genomics/Genetics What is the impact of the aging population on both increased healthcare expenditures and wasted resources? Do genetics play a role? How can the doctoral-prepared nurse apply

Impacts of Aged Population on Healthcare

It is expected that the number of people of age 65 or more will be 1.5 billion by the year 2050 (World Health Organisation, 2011) in the united nations. The increased size of aged people is a result of a decrease in the number of deaths due to infectious and non-communicable diseases, with the availability of better health facilities. Genomics/Genetics Assignment Paper.  The number of aged people is increasing rapidly in most developed countries, including the United States of America.

There will be a need for upgrading the healthcare system to address the increased demand for healthcare services for elderly peoples. There will be a shortage of doctors and nurses. It would lead to the wastage of available resources if the available healthcare paid more attention to the complex health care issues of the elderly people. And there will also be a change in family structures leading to a decreased number of people available for taking care of elderly peoples. Undoubtedly, an increasing number of aged people will increase expenditure because of the complexity of the disease like diabetes and obesity.

Due to an increase in population size, the Healthcare system will become more complex. It will pose pressure on the Healthcare worker to focus on comorbidities and the main disorder. If not, then ignored conditions will create more comorbidities because of shortage in the workforce (Fried, Ferrucci, Darer, Williamson, & Anderson, 2004).

An increase in the number of people more than 65 will increase Healthcare costs because more complex chronic diseases with age will require more workforce and health facilities (Jacobzone & Oxley, 2002). Life expectancy is the result of interaction between gene constituent and lifestyle. So, there is a significant role of the gene in it.


The doctoral-prepared nurse can utilize the above information in their practice by preparing them well to focus on all the comorbidities of a patient and the main disease and finding out ways or strategies of taking care of a patient with available Limited resources full efficiency.


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