Gains from trade Consider two neighboring island countries called Euphoria and Arcadia. They each have 4 million labor hours available per month…qattachments_4a145caebeb11c88f1fcf1a6756500d5629cc3d6 PERIOD_ID PRODUCTCODE_ID 1 S1 1 S1 1 S1 1 S1 1 S2 1 S2 1 S2 1 S2 1 S3 1 S3 1 S3 1 S3 2 S1 2 S1

Still need help with question you answered on 8/31/2016.  I am still having problems with a Oracle SQL query.  I’m pretty shore the query is right but it still giving me the sales for all S1 intead of period 1 and then S1. What am i missing?

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