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November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) assignment is designed as both an examination and a learning experience. It deepens your understanding of the FMCG industry introduced in the L’Oréal


1) Read the two articles on scenario analysis.

2) Apply the scenario technique to the fast-moving consumer goods distribution landscape (limit yourself to the product category of beautycare as illustrated in the L’Oréal session). How will the German landscape of shoppers and retailers present itself to companies such as L’Oréal in 2025?

3) Which approach of the customer interface do you recommend to beautycare suppliers such as L’Oréal in response to your main scenario?

Formal requirements for Word documents:

o At least 1 inch (2.5 cm) margin throughout (margin may be larger, but not smaller)

o One cover page with title and author, followed by no more than five pages of text, including tables and figures (you may write less, but not more), but excluding the list of references.

o Main text: Times New Roman, at least 12pt, at least 1.5 spaced (font size and spacing may be larger, but not smaller)

o Tables: Arial, at least 9 pt, at least 1.0 spaced (font size and spacing may be larger, but not smaller). Do not format the majority of the text as tables in an attempt to maximize your writing space.

Content-related grading criteria:

o Completeness of scenario elements (key variables are covered)

o Mutual exclusiveness of scenario variables (variables are not overlapping, terminology precisely defines the concepts)

o Creativity of scenario development (recommended scenarios and variables are innovative; student introduces own ideas; some elements go beyond a mere repetition of recommendations from course sessions; new perspectives are offered)

Writing style-related grading criteria:

o Succinctness (no mere re-telling of the briefings and readings; no repetition of L’Oréal presentation facts unless for illustration; short sentences; no vague, fuzzy statements)

o Clarity & structure (sub-headings are used appropriately; line of thought flows logically; text is easy-to-read; bullet points are used as structural elements; illustrations are used where necessary)

Formal grading criteria:

o Adherence to formal requirements (requirements listed above on length, spacing, sizing, font, etc. are respected)

o Spelling & grammar (text is flawless; language is correct, clear evidence of proofreading, printout is not disrupted)

o Documentation (facts are cited correctly; authors and other sources are referenced)

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