Choose one element of an archetypal low-cost-carrier business modelfrom the list below.Explain how it reduces cost compared with a large…
September 3, 2020
1. short-term production function: Q = 50L + 6L2 – 0.5L3 a. When does the law of diminishing returns begins to take effect?b. Calculate the value range of labor during phases 1, 2 and 3.2. Suppose the production function of the company is Q = 7V – 0.5V2Q is the production and V is the number of employees working 8 hours a daya. Develop a production plan from 1 to 10 Vb. Calculate the average and marginal productsc. Weekly hours worked are 40 and the product price is $ 5.00d. Identify the three stages.
September 3, 2020

Effects of Fiscal PolicyThink about how fiscal policy can effect your firm (Microsoft Corporation). Please address the following questions in a 3 page essay:1. Suppose the government imposes tax cuts for 95% of all households. How does this affect your firm?2. In the past few years, the government has had an important role in “bailing out” certain industries. This is a type of government spending. How was your firm affected by the government bail out (it can be direct or indirect)?3. In general, discuss some advantages and disadvantages of a government bail out by doing some of your own research.3 pages; Times New Roman Font 12; web site only references; some in text references please.

Running head: EFECTS OF FISCAL POLICY Effects of Fiscal PolicyYour NameYour UniversityYour School of Engineering, Social Sciences, etcNumber and Name of CourseInstructor’s NameDate of Paper…

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