“Adventure of the Dancing Men”, “Murder in the Rue Morgue”; Discuss the ways in which the characters and/or the narrative rely on secrets as an important part of their narrative or generic structure.
November 27, 2021
Critically evaluate the role that the study of human evolution, philosophy, and the history of psychology can contribute to understanding the field of modern psychology
November 27, 2021

1.According to the video clip, Aldi sells only prepackaged products, 95 percent of which bear their own private brand labels. How does the law of demand apply to Aldi’s private labeling of 95% of its products?

2.What are some of the marginal benefits of shopping at Aldi?

3.What are some of the marginal costs of shopping at Aldi?

4.Who decides which is greater; the marginal costs or marginal benefits?


5.If the marginal costs are greater than the benefits to an individual consumer, what does the consumer do? What then happens to Aldi?

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