Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise
November 27, 2021
“Adventure of the Dancing Men”, “Murder in the Rue Morgue”; Discuss the ways in which the characters and/or the narrative rely on secrets as an important part of their narrative or generic structure.
November 27, 2021

Selection of the design as detailed in report 1 should be taken forward and used in the final design. It should be noted that this is the conductor system and not the cart. This exercise should make use of the Weighted Objectives Method. The objectives used and the scores awarded should be clearly rationalised. Please note. This is the full weighted objectives method and not the simplified method. [10%] V. A set of working drawings for each component and an assembly drawing of the prototype, including where appropriate sectional and detailed views which show how the assembly fits together. This should include a parts list in which all components and the number used must be listed and specified. Any additional parts required should be clearly identified with full details provided. [10%] VI. Schematic of the electrical circuit and details of the mechanical transmission system and a full explanation of how it will function. All design choices should be explained and relevant design calculations included.

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