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November 27, 2021
Advanced Directive-HealthCare
November 27, 2021

For a transрort and logistiсs company of your choice, critically assess how the company’s history
and culture has influenced its strategic development.

Your assignment should be of 2,500 words and produced in report format. It should include:

an academic discussion of how an organisation’s history and culture affects its strategy.
the application of relevant theory to the company that you have selected. You are required
to assess the influence of history on the firm’s strategic position using ‘Path Dependence
Theory’ and the effects of culture on the firm’s strategy using ‘Cultural Web Theory’.
Your report should be structured as follows:
• Front cover
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Relevant section headings
• Conclusion
• List of references
• Appendices (as appropriate)
The report is to be written in correct Standard English and be properly referenced using the APA6
referencing system. You are required to use 1.5 line spacing and Arial size 12 letter-type and include
page numbers

C needs, graphs, tables, samples , charts

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