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November 27, 2021
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
November 27, 2021

Background information. The critical analysis will relate to the following scenario;

You have been approached by the Men’s GB hockey team regarding the effectiveness of altitude training. The coach has heard about a number of methods to improve performance and wants guidance as to the best approach to take. You will have a period of six weeks to aid the team in preparation for their next sea level competition. Firstly you will need to undertake a review of the physiological demands of field hockey and establish the potential for altitude training in hockey / team sport / multiple sprint type events. Secondly you will need to critically appraise three methods of altitude training (1. Live high, train low; 2. live high, train high; 3. ‘sleeping in an oxygen tent’). Following your appraisal you will need to give specific recommendations regarding how your chosen altitude training mode may be implemented (NB: in consideration of other training demands).

Within the essay (2000 words) you need to; (NB: approximate words / weighting in brackets)

1. Determine the physiological demands of hockey (i.e. characteristics of the game and expected physiological responses) and why altitude training may be of benefit. (25%).
2. Critically appraise the three methods of altitude training i.e. 1. Live high, train low; 2. live high, train high; 3. sleeping in an hypoxia tent. (45%)
3. Justify your choice of approach and provide advice to the coach on implementing the use of this technique and what sessions you would undertake. (20%)
4. Discuss any limitations of your chosen approach and its practicalities (10%)        


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