Agricultural Innovation
November 27, 2021
Revenue Management
November 27, 2021

 An individual written market report examining the key competitive, contextual and environment issues in the UK movie market (movie viewing not production) You must produce a report (3,000 words in length) in which you examine the UK market for movies – both in-home and out of home:

• Undertake in-depth research especially utilising credible secondary sources for example Euromonitor, newspapers, magazines, etc.

 • Identify, evidence and examine the general macro environment to consider the factors affecting this market

 • Identify, evidence and evaluate the key actors and factors impacting upon the competitive context (competition, customer, market structure)

• Examining the customer behaviour, segments and trends

 • Identify, evidence and analyse the most important points in your


• Further details will be provided on the module sunspace Assessment section

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