If aggregate expenditures is greater than real domestic output, saving is (greater than, less than, or equal to) planned investment, there is
September 3, 2020
Consider a perfectly competitive market with market supply Qs=P and market demand Qd=100-P. imposes a tax of $10 per unit on this market, to be paid…
September 3, 2020

Choose two real-world companies in different industries, one that you feel faces elastic demand and one that you feel faces inelastic demand.  In each case, you are an economist working in the company and you have come to a conclusion of what kind of demand the company faces.  You are to write a paper, convincing the president of the company of your conclusion and explaining what the company’s pricing strategy should be.

  • For specific paper requirements, please see the rubric attached to this assignment.
  • 200 word minimum for each company
  • Paper must be written in APA format, for more information on APA formatting, please click the “Resources” tab.
  • 2 sources, other than the textbook, must be cited. Include a bibliography.

Running head: Pricing Strategies Pricing strategies in Demand Elastic and Inelastic Companies Assignment 1 (Students Affiliation)Date Running head: Pricing Strategies Pricing StrategiesElastic…

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