Section 1 – Subject Organization and Rationale The purpose of the Portfolio Project is to synthesize current research about the project management office (PMO) for the purpose of developing a PMO reco
September 20, 2020
Option #1: Transformational Leader with Vision Transformation leaders are viewed as change agents in their organization. They develop, build, model and encourage the vision for the organization. Choo
September 20, 2020

Change Management Paper:

Attached is the result of the “Big 5 Personality Test Score.”

Based on the the resutl attached, answer the following question: (Please make sure your answer content, example matched the result attached.)

Question: Think about a workplace. Which of the ratings on the OCEAN will help you the most in a workplace to accept change which can hold you back? What can you do to change your more negative ratings?

Also, please answer the following question independently. Please provide real life workplace related examples as well.

Total words 1200. Please include Abstract, main body paragraph and conclusion.

a)    We have discussed a model in class called the “3Ps” Power, Pride, and Profit. Please explain the emotional impact of this model in relation to organizational change with specific examples of each.

b)    In thinking about your own personality, which of the “3Ps” are most important to you and at what stage in your work life?

Cite all the references and list them. Minimum 8 references required. No plagiarism and follow APA style format. Total words 1600 (excluding cover page and reference page)

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