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Biometric System Evaluation Paper

Assignment Requirements

Read the worksheet named “Biometric System Evaluation” and address the following:

Using what you have learned about the biometric method, identify the correct advantages and disadvantages of each listed biometric type. Biometric System Evaluation Paper.

Respond to your peers with your point of view on their answers. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ original thread posts with between 100 – 150 words for each reply.  Make sure your opinion is substantiated with valid reasons and references to the concepts covered in the course. In addition, initiate a discussion with the students who comment on your answer.

Types of Bio


metric Systems

There are many traits that a biometric system can analyze. They fall into two distinct categories: physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics.


In this exercise, you will learn about and analyze the specific attributes that fall into each of these two broad categories by listing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of biometric method.


Complete the table:

Biometric Method Advantages Disadvantages
Hand geometry    
Facial recognition    
Typing tempo    
Signature analysis    
Voice recognition    

Biometric technology is getting more recognition day by day, across the globe .Biometric System Evaluation Paper.  Biometric solutions are extremely recognized by many administration organizations, international groups, foundations, banks, and hospitals just to name a little business. It is increasing in every single region involving finance, banking, workers area, borders and most speedily for national individuality. Fingerprint are categorized as biological biometric for the reason that it is component of the human body.

Physiological biometric is very important in these days safety measures approach, because fingerprint is very precise and  simple to use. One of the advantages of fingerprint biometric is that the crease patten on the fingerprint remains  consistent throughout the individual ‘s life expectancy (all through it could turn out to be less noticeable),except the fingertips are  injured. Disadvantage of this system is that sometimes if fingers are dirty or tattooed then this approach is not useful(“25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Iris Recognition – Biometric Today”, 2019).

In the same way retinal recognition also has some advantages like this is the most reliable biometric technology used across the world as it stays stable throughout any human’s life time. Disadvantage is due to high beam infrared light being shone directly into the eyes it can cause damage to the eyes. Again, Iris recognition is the most reliable biometric sensory system for the functions of proof of identity and the consequent verification of an entity. Core advantage is the highest accuracy results comes in this type of procedure and the disadvantage is it is scanners are extremely expensive five time higher than fingerprint scanning(“5 Pros and Cons of Face Recognition Technology”, 2020).

Then comes hand geometry which is the oldest biometric technology. One of its advantage is its universality as hand always remains stable all through the life so scanning will be authentic, and disadvantage is hygiene issues as it requires direct contact with the user. One of the advantages of facial recognition technology is security system will be more stronger as any trespasser will be captured by the scanner immediately. Disadvantage is the issue of data storage which is the biggest issue of modern times.



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25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Iris Recognition – Biometric Today. Biometric Today. (2019). Retrieved 3 April 2021, from Biometric System Evaluation Paper.

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Top of Form

Fingerprints, retina, iris, facial recognition, typing, signature analysis and voice recognition are the various biometric methods.

  1. Fingerprints: The scanner extracts the minutia points from the fingerprint in order to verify the user’s identity. The fingerprints are secure, non-transferrable, easy to use. There’s a problem if the scanner rejects a user due to technical failures. Fingerprint recognition systems are cost effective.
  2. Retina: It scans the inside, rear surface of the eye that receives and interprets the light. The pattern of blood vessels in that area is unique for each person but an eye surgery can affect that area.
  3. Iris: It scans the part of eye which is blue, green, brown or other colour. It is accurate, reliable,  highly scalable. Too little sensitivity in the scanner could cause an iris scanner to see all users blue-eyed scans as belonging to known user with blue eyes which is false acceptance.
  4. Hand geometry: It measures the shape of hand and ridges on that hand. Hand geometry recognition has high rate of accuracy. It has an equal error rate. Biometric System Evaluation Paper.
  5. Facial recognition: It scans a person’s face shape and location of facial features. It is time saving, easy to manage. Reliability is low.  Sometimes, it fails to scan a person’s face due to lens problem.
  6. Typing: It measures the typing rhythm of a person. The length of time key is pressed and the time between keystrokes is noted. No additional hardware is needed. There are problems as well that could change the way a person types.
  7. Signature analysis: It measures the speed and pressure used by a person to write each letter. It is user-friendly, non-intrusive. The individuals who do not sign in  a consistent manner may have difficulty in verification.
  8. Voice recognition: It is a technique which recognizes a speaker by measuring marked aspects in a person’s voice. It increases security and reduces cost. Accuracy is low. If a person has cold then identification is difficult.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Fingerprint Recognition

Biometric System Evaluation Paper

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