Research Paper Questions For Healthcare Policy
November 27, 2021
Community Assessment Proposal
November 27, 2021

Paper should center on her contribution to the development of jazz. Paper must contain some

information about the music, not just names and places, citing specific pieces and references to lyrics

thus relating information about the music. paper must be presented in scholarly form and must

demonstrate accepted forms of quotations, references and source citations. Long­form footnotes and

bibliography are required. Turabian Chicago­style should be used for citations and footnotes. No

single citation for a paragraph. Teacher will thoroughly review bibliography and sources! Paper will

be graded on quality of research, grammar, content, style and organization.

Books that I am using are:

Jazz ­ Gary Giddons & Scott DeVeaux

Bessie Smith ­ Jackie Kay

Bessie ­ Chris Albertson

The History of Jazz ­ Ted Gioia

Blues Legends and Black Feminism ­ Angela Y. Davis

Please use quality internet sources or peer review sources if necessary with exact citation.

This is a Master’s level paper.

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