Benefit Cost Analysis Critique The link below has Cost Benefit Analysis data for Light Rail Train in Minnesota…

Benefit Cost Analysis Critique

The link below has Cost Benefit Analysis data for Light Rail Train in Minnesota

I would like help with summarizing it and offer a critique of the paper from the point of view of the discussion of BCA concepts Points of discussion might include the following:

• Decision Criteria (net benefits, internal rate of return, benefit cost ratio, etc.)

• Standing Issues (who has standing and is application of standing consistent)

• Distributional Issues (who will win and who will lose as a result of the project)

• Proper or Improper Valuation of Market Costs and Benefits

• Discount Rate

• Time Structure and Terminal Values (project lifetime and duration of sub-projects)

• Expected value (proper calculation, positive or negative, consideration of uncertainty)

• Risk considerations

• Sensitivity analysis

• Proper or improper use of non-market values

• Clarity of the study’s presentation

The idea is to separate the various parts of the papers analysis and evaluate each one as to whether or not it was done appropriately.

There may be other aspects of the papers that you critique (data assumptions, technical sections, etc.) and while it would be good to discuss these, critique of sections that are less closely related to the principles of BCA is not critical to your assignment.

8-10 pages are required,

1. Background Discussion – 5 points

What project or proposal does the study examine? When and where was this done and over what sort of timeframe would a project have operated? Who conducted the work and do you know who funded the work? Was there a specific recommendation?

2. Discussion of BCA Techniques Used in Paper – 5 points

What was done in the paper? What BCA techniques were used? What valuation techniques ere used? Were there techniques used that we did not discuss in class? What sort of evaluation criteria (PVNB, B/C, IRR) were employed and what was the result?

3. Critical Analysis of BCA Techniques – 15 points

Did the authors use BCA tools correctly and appropriately? If something was done in an unusual manner, how might that have impacted the final result of the study?

4. Quality of Your Writing – 5 points

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