Balanced Scorecard Like Dashboard Instruments, We Need Several Indicators of Strategy Success: Financial Customer Employee / Learning and Growth…

Below is the HW Assignment Question and attached is an example answer and a powerpoint and summary to facilitate:

Create a balanced scorecard for a specific unit of your organization or for the organization as a whole.  The organization must be one for which you have considerable familiarity.  Then write a paper of 10-to-15 pages in length discussing your balanced scorecard. Give your reasoning for the selections and decisions you made.In writing your paper, identify the strategic objectives of the entire organization and the secondary objectives for your unit.   Then develop three specific objectives within each of the four perspectives for the unit.   Each objective should have at least one quantified target metric associated with it.   For each metric discuss the appropriate target value and the actions that need to be taken to achieve the target.  Your discussion should include a strategic map that explains the connections (cause and effect relationships) between the components of the BSC.The Balanced Scorecard can certainly be applied to the Military or to non-profit organizations.    Describe the level or your familiarity with the organization you are are using in the paper and your connection to the organization.  My aim is to see HOW you apply the Balanced Scorecard and I don’t need to know the particular details of anyone’s organization if it is difficult for you to reveal such information.  Also, please feel free to be creative when you do not have access to data or are bound by confidentiality agreements not to reveal information.   Our aim is to see how well you can use the balanced scorecard not to find out authentic information about companies. 

Remember that the BSC is a tool to implement strategy.  This means it is essential to explain the strategy being implemented.  

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The Microsoft Balanced Scorecard FrameworkExecutive summaryThe balanced scorecard is simply a set of systematic tool that links and describes the strategy,objectives, measures, targets of a…

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