The Effects of Business on Consumers and the Environment: Case Study: Perdue Farms

The Effects of Business on Consumers and the Environment: Case Study: Perdue Farms This discussion assignment requires you to submit at least four posts: an initial post, two reply posts to fellow students in threads other than your own, and a revised post. Prepare: In preparation for your first post in this discussion, you will become […]

What areas/structures in the body produce reproductive hormones?

All questions be answered in detail!!! Chapter 5 1. What areas/structures in the body produce reproductive hormones? 2. How does the tonic and surge centers differ regarding GnRH regulation? 3. What is the function(s) of gonadotropins? How do they regulate reproduction?  Chapter 6 1. What are some environmental and social conditions that impact the onset […]


You Are What You Play: Employing the Socioecological Model (SEM) to Understand Athlete Motivations and Outcomes for Sport Participation According to SEM (Bronfenbrenner 1979), how students participate in sport differs based on four levels of factors. What sport you play and how you play is based on who you are (intrapersonal), your external environment (interpersonal, […]


Discussion 2 – Week 1 Discussion 2: Resiliency Perhaps you have observed a friend or family member after a tragedy and thought, “I’m not sure how they are managing” or “I wouldn’t be able to function.” Why do some individuals, despite overwhelming hardship, have the capacity to adapt and “bounce back,” whereas others, faced with […]


Please watch this short video: Now that you are an expert in hypoxia your last assignment for this  module is to watch one more video. After watching this video, identify  at least three symptoms associated with hypoxia. Next, ask yourself if  the hypoxic individual in the video took appropriate corrective actions  to treat him […]

Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument

1. PHI 210 Week 5 Discussion Top of Form “Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument” OPTION A: Find an online article (news, magazine, journal, etc.) on any subject that interests you that uses statistics to make its conclusion. Share a link in this thread. Now answer these questions about that article: What is the premise and      conclusion of […]

Acceleration Physiology Article Review

 You will complete several assignments by critiquing an article or  multimedia. To ensure a solid critique is submitted, follow these  guidelines: Your review should be be two pages in length, double spaced, and  include proper current APA citations and references (with the references  listed on a second page). Document is grammatically sound, and free from […]


Homegoing What is Yaw’s perspective on colonialism? How does he attempt to challenge it? How does his family history impact his reaction? How do Akua and Yaw relate to white missionaries and colonists? Robert was “the whitest black boy [Willie] had ever seen.” How does this impact her life? On page 175, Ethe challenges H […]

Esentially Anatomy & Physiology with a virtual lab

I need ongoing weekly help with my class homework assignments. The three science classes are: BIO/290 which starts on 2/18-4/6, BIO/291 which starts on 4/14-6/1 and SCI/250 which begins on 6/2-7/20. These three science classes have to be passed and completed before November 2020 so that I can then apply for the Entry Level MSN […]

Monsanto: A Growing Controversy

Instructions: A lot of times in your career you have to present results to management or a committee instead of submitting (or in addition to) a formal document. I would like to use this case study to give you a chance to practice this. The ability to create a well structured and polished presentation is […]