The use of fiscal policy to achieve a noninflationary full-employment gross domestic product without regards to the effect on public debt or policy
September 3, 2020
Products that would be used in calculating GDP include: Toys manufactured in China at a factory owned by a U. company b.
September 3, 2020

At fenway park, home of the boston Red sox, seating is limited to 34,000. Hence, the number of tickets issued is fixed at that figure. (assume all seats are equally desirable and are sold at the same price.) Seeing a golden opportunity to raise revenue, the city of boston levies a per ticket tax of $5 to be paid by the ticket buyer. Boston sports fans, a famously civic minded lot, dutifully send in the $5 per ticket. Draw a well labeled graph showing the impact of the tax. On whom does the tax burden fall – the teams’s owners, fans or both? why?

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