Identify one environmental factor or risk that affects the decision-making opportunities within an organization.
September 3, 2020
Governor Walker is frustrated that so many students who receive subsidized education in the uw system move to Chicago after graduating.
September 3, 2020

Can you show me how to solve the following question?

$220 (Answer)

Assume the following macroeconomic variable (in 55 billion) for an economy:Y = national income = Aggregate Expenditures Aggregate Expenditures = Consumption + Investment + Government Spending +Net Export Assuming that the full employment level in $5,500 billion, determine the change ingovernment spending needed to reach full employment. (Hint: calculate the current GDP, then calculate aggregate expenditures usingnational income of $5,500 and find the difference) Consumption (80% of disposable or after tax income) + C = $300 + 0.8 (Y -$300 T) ax 20% of income InvestmentGovernment SpendingExports Imports 0.1 (Y – T)

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