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September 3, 2020
As manager of Citywide Racquet Club, you must determine the best price to charge for locker rentals. Assume that the (marginal) cost of providing…
September 3, 2020

Assessment Task 1

You have been asked by senior management of your company to consult with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate corporate social responsibility policy in your organization.

You have been asked to focus on the following areas of the organization:

General policies


Human rights, employment and industry relations

Bribery, Bribe Solicitation and Extortion



Science and Technology


Choose an organization that is currently operating in Australia, preferably in the manufacturing industries.

Research the company you have chosen in detail regarding their CSR (Corporate social responsibility) programs.

Ensure that you discuss with your trainer which company you will be reviewing before commencing with this assessment.

Complete the attached template using as much detail as possible, ensuring that all questions are answered comprehensively.

1.    What is your CSR mission statement? Pay attention to environmental and social-economic issues in the short and long term

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