November 27, 2021
Impact of corporate social responsibility on firm’s financial performance
November 27, 2021

The Harrods case is provided in the attached document – harrods-edition-18-full.%282%29%282%29.pdf. (NB the questions at the end of the provided case do not form part of this assessment item).

Read the case carefully. Note the vision, strategy, structure, and leadership approach, as well as Human Resource Development (HRD) initiatives. Also consider HRD processes or aspects that are not mentioned (and are therefore perhaps missing from Harrods). 

Use relevant frameworks and theory to answer the following 4 questions about the Harrods case (please number each question): 

1. Present key strategic aspects of the case, including vision, strategy, structure, leadership, and HRD processes. Please use the headings in the templates (PEST and SWOT) for this question. Please do not populate the templates, use the headings only. 

2. Discuss the leadership approach in the case and how it relates to HRD.

3. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the HRD approaches (both mentioned in, and missing from, the case), including any risks (to the organisation, staff members and other stakeholders). 

4. On the basis of your analysis in the earlier three questions, make relevant recommendations for future HRD interventions and innovations at Harrods. 

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