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November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021

Assignment Remit

Argos, originally an analogue retailer combining catalogue with in-store shopping, is now the UK’s third-most visited retail website at www.argos.co.uk (Roth & Andrews 2016). 

Your essay should examine how Argos has adopted the marketing concept and how it has continued to appeal to its UK target market. Your discussion should be limited to the TWO most significant consumer behaviour factors.

Module Learning Outcomes:


1.Understand the nature of business activity and the role of marketing

2.Understand the basis of consumer behaviour and the influences on buyer decision making

Grading Criteria

Your essay should be structured and include an introduction a main body and a logical conclusion

Students are expected to use academic references and marketing theory to support their discussion. Please do not use non-academic websites.

Students need to clearly identify and discuss 2 consumer behaviour factors and then apply these to the Argos case study.

Students are expected to make reference to Market Reports e.g. Mintel, Keynote and Neilson when discussing consumer behaviour and retailing.

Students are expected to provide clear examples as to how Argos has adopted the marketing concept.

UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 4 apply to this assignment:





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