There are two consumers, Andy and Ben, in the market for pumpkins. Their willingness to pay for each pumpkin is shown in the table Pumpkin Market.
September 3, 2020
Guards patrolling the mall provide a service without rivalry: all the stores in the mall aresimultaneously protected.
September 3, 2020

After reviewing and reading course materials discussed so far in our class, (inflation, unemployment, CPI, etc.) identify and describe the most important economic factor that has an impact on you personally or in your job. (These can be personal experiences, current events, and stories)

This exercise is not to explain the factor (s) but explain how you see them related in your daily lives or current events. Assignments that only provide definitions will not receive any points. The topic chosen should entail a short paragraph fully describing the item with enough depth to demonstrate your understanding of the economic concept chosen.

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