November 27, 2021
ECO 202
November 27, 2021


Bennett and Royle argue that all literature concerns itself with the secret–not only the revelation of a secret, but the idea of literature as “resistant to being read” (An Intro to Literature 275). “Adventure of the Dancing Men” by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; “Murder in the Rue Morgue” Short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Discuss the ways in which the characters and/or the narrative rely on secrets as an important part of their narrative or generic structure. HINT: Does EVERYTHING get explained at the end of the story? Why/not? How does this confirm/undermine our understanding of the way the ‘real’ world works?

– Use 12 Times New roman

_ use the criteria sheet as a guide to your work as it it vital in completion of this peice of assessment successfully.
– make the argument your target to make the focus strong and specific to support the argument.

use direct quotes from the two main sources to illustrate your point in addition to jornal articles and books to support the argument. all of them should be 12 sources so 2 primary and 10 secondary sources.

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