4) What are the relationships among I’H , I’S , and E(I) for a policy that is partial?

4) What are the relationships among I’H , I’S , and E(I)  for a policy that is partial?

A) I S’   <  I H’  <  E(I)

B) I S’   >  I H’  >  E(I)

C) I S’  =  I H’   >  E(I)

D) I S’   < E(I) < I H’

E) I S’   > E(I) > I H’

8. State independence can occur where

A) insurance is partial

B) IH = IS

C) q = ( IH – IS )

D) q < ( IH – IS )

E) not enough info given to determine the answer

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