) The central bank of Lithuania maintains an exchange rate band relative to the euro. This is aprerequisite for joining the Eurozone.
September 3, 2020
Use the information in the following table on Canada’s international transactions to answer the following questions.
September 3, 2020

Please show work for 2.2 shown in the picture below. Thank you.

2. 2 California insurance companies wanted to study factors ( e. 8., the proximity to a major earthquakefault line ) that may influence homeowners’ decisions to purchase earthquake insurance . Surveyswere mailed to randomly selected households in three California counties to investigate thepossible proximity effect . The data collected are shown below :`LOS Angeles San BernardinoSanta ClaraSample size1, 0001 , 4001 , 200Number with earthquake insurance377469390a . Los Angeles County is located closest among the three to a major earthquake fault line . Arehomeowners in Los Angeles County more likely to purchase earthquake insurance than thosein San Bernardino County ? Test using a = 0. 05 .6 . ( Optional ) Are homeowners in Los Angeles County more likely to purchase earthquakeinsurance than those in Santa Clara County ? Use a = 0. 05 .

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