The economy for new commercial equipment has dropped in the last seven quarters. You need a new niche. You are the CEO. You will not fire anyone.
September 4, 2020
Question: A small country is considering imposing a tariff on imported wine at the rate of $5 per bottle.
September 4, 2020

(16 points) The last three Presidents of the United States were all elected to a second term in office.   Let’s examine the performance of the U.S. economy during the first term of each of the last three Presidents.  Bill Clinton’s first term was from January 1993 to January 1997.  George Bush’s first term was from January 2001 to January 2005.  Barack Obama’s first term was from January 2009 to January 2013.  Using the information in the table below, which President do you think did a better job with respect to the three primary measures of economic performance during their first terms of office?  Why?  Note: For the real GDP and CPI data, you need to calculate the real GDP growth rate and the inflation rate.  Be sure to show your work.

Real                             CPI – Urban                Unemployment

Month/Year                 GDP                           1982-84 = 100            Rate (National)

Jan. 1993                     $9,397 billion              142.3                           7.4%

Jan. 1997                     $10,727 billion            159.1                           5.4%

Jan. 2001                     $12,628 billion            174.6                           3.9%

Jan. 2005                     $13,948 billion            191.7                           5.4%

Jan. 2009                     $14,575 billion            211.4                           7.3%

Jan. 2013                     $15,540 billion            231.1                           7.8%

SolutionGDP growth rate = (GDP in year 2 / GDP in year 1) – 1Inflation = [(CPI in year b-CPI in year A)/CPI year A] X 100During Bill Clinton’s first term from January 1993 to January 1997…

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