1.) What is the more common term for a marketable permit program?

1.) What is the more common term for a marketable permit program?

A.) Carbon Tax

B.) Pigouvian Taxes

C.) Cap-and-Trade

D.) Pay-as-you-throw

2.) The Coase Theorem, developed by economist Ronald Coase, says that through negotiation the most cost effective, or efficient, outcome will occur as long as what is clearly defined?

A.) The exact cost of the externality

B.) The individuals being harmed

C.) Property rights

D.) The time before the contract must be signed

3.) Which of the following describes the situation where a market transaction creates an external benefit for a third party outside the transaction?

A.) Common Good

B.) Public Good

C.) Negative Externality

D. )Positive Externality

4.) If a teacher was to get a flu shot, which of the following best describes the positive externality associated with the transaction?

A.) The payment to the doctor who administer’s the flu shot.

B.) The decreased probability that the teacher contracts the flu.

C.) The minor flu-like symptoms the teacher notices the day after getting the flu shot.

D.) The benefit to the students who are less likely to get sick as a result of the teacher’s flu shot.

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